b-vibe is a premium
collection of
tech-forward anal
play products.

The result of years of research, each b-Vibe product utilizes innovative design tactics to address specific, often unaddressed, sources of anal pleasure. Pioneering the category of high-end anal accessories, b-Vibe has been able to set a high quality, yet approachable tone for a rapidly-emerging category.

Most notably, b-Vibe’s core mission is to empower exploration through education. By offering a constant array of accessible content, carefully written guides and real-world information, the brand promotes inclusivity and informed play.

the cowgirl is a
premium sex machine
aimed at revolutionizing
a long outdated category.

Inspired by a world-popular position that’s often difficult to replicate via sextech, the latest addition to the COTR portfolio offers a high-tech and luxurious erotic experience for those who want to ride in style.

The Cowgirl was created to empower riders to own their pleasure. By partnering with powerful individuals like actress and sex educator Jessica Drake, featured in The Cowgirl’s introductory videos, and photographer Deborah Anderson, who shot the launch campaign, the brand continues to engage inspiring industry leaders.

Whether enjoying its power, modern design or interactive capabilities, The Cowgirl is a forward-thinking innovation and a notable symbol of sexual empowerment.